Terms of Agreement:

  • The Participating Alumni Group will only receive donated sales from stamped receipts dated Game Day between the dates of Aug 26–Nov 25, 2019. Post-season games may be included by manager approval only.
  • Only itemized receipts will be included.
  • Tax, tip, alcohol and gift card sales are not included in Net Food Sales totals. To-Go food is allowed.
  • The total donation of 10% will be of Net Food Sales from the stamped receipt totals turned in by the Alumni Group.
  • All stamped receipts must be tabulated, sorted and submitted to the LM Restaurants’ (LMR) Brand Team on or before Jan 16, 2020 at 6510 Chapel Hill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607. The Brand Team can be reached at 919-851-0858.
  • Please keep each visits’ receipts in separate envelopes. For example, keep all the receipts from 9/6 in an envelope marked “9/6”. Keep receipts from 9/13 in an envelope marked “9/13”, and so on and so forth.
  • Please staple or stuff each envelope with a ribbon of the tabulated expenses for that visit.
  • The Participating Alumni Group will receive rights to use our restaurant logo. All logo usage must be approved by the LMR Brand Team. Please email for logo and approvals.
  • The Participating Alumni Group will be responsible for promoting the event to their supporters.
  • Carolina Ale House will receive rights to use the Participating Alumni Group’s name & logo. All logo usage must be approved by the Participating Alumni Group.
  • Carolina Ale House may promote CAH-U and the Participating Alumni Group to their guests via Facebook, Welcome Message on Blackboard & Specials Sheets.
  • Carolina Ale House, nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, shall be liable for any contracts that the Participating Alumni Group executes or liable for the distribution of the donated amount and the purposes for which said donated funds are used. The Participating Alumni Group hereby agrees to hold Carolina Ale House and its subsidiaries or affiliates harmless from any and all acts of the Participating Alumni Group. This agreement does not create a partnership or another legal relationship.