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We are excited to continue being the official host of the Canes Cool Bars! Find a Coolbar near you! View the schedule here

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50+ TV'S

So You Can Watch Your Home team

Some sports bars think they have a sweet setup to watch the game, but they have nothing on our restaurants. In every Carolina Ale House, you’ll find the walls lined with TVs to make sure you don't miss any of the game, regardless of where you are seated! Plus, with one of the widest listings of channels and games available in the area, we are committed to finding the exact game you are looking for—all you have to do is ask.


Every Season. Any Sport.

From Football, to soccer. We'll show it all. Even bowling.

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Sports Sponsorships

Is your team looking for a community partner to help with sponsorship? Or are you a local group that wants a boost in fundraising for your organization? Find out more about our Local Sports Sponsorships, CAH-U, and Play it Forwards programs!